Celebrating Passover

Dear Friends,

In February of this year, snow was on the ground in 49 of the 50 United States. It has been a winter of biblical proportions. Even many of us who are used to harsh winter weather feel sapped by the endless cold and gray, ice and snow.

But now, at last, there are signs of spring. Temperatures are creeping up. Trees are budding. The bravest souls are venturing outside in short sleeves. The changes feel renewing and promising.

Thank You Amanda!

In November of 2012, Amanda Trontell ventured across the country to join our response to Hurricane Sandy. Less than a month after the storm ravaged the East Coast, while we were still knee deep helping clear the ruined possessions of Hurricane Sandy survivors and hauling bag after bag of soggy drywall out of their homes, Amanda stepped up and served as our Volunteer Coordinator for several months. She coordinated incoming volunteers, conducted needs assessments on storm-damaged homes, and aided in the general operations of the deployment.