Response Training

When volunteers join us in disaster zones, to help those in need, at minimum, we provide on-the-spot safety and response orientation.

Volunteers don't need a résumé with previous disaster experience or any formal training prior to volunteering with NECHAMA. However, we do encourage preparation and training because in a disaster a little extra knowledge can go a long away!

Our curriculum is designed to provide volunteers with information and practical skills they need to be safe, effective, and make a real difference in disaster response.

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Featured Trainings

Anatomy of a Disaster

An Introduction to Disaster Response and Recovery

Flooded Structure Clean-up

Learn how to safely and effectively respond to floods and our process for helping restore people's homes

Chainsaw Classroom Session

Safety, Use & Maintenance of Saws

Chain-saw Field Practicum
Prerequisite: Chainsaw Classroom Session

Hands-on Guidance Clearing Storm-Damaged Timber

Equipment Operation, Safety, and Field Maintenance

Learn how to safely operate and do basic maintenance on our most frequently used equipment