Generally every community needs leadership, tools, funds, and know-how to respond and recover from disaster.

Loaning tools and equipment to partners allows NECHAMA to make an impact even when we are not the ones swinging the hammers or running the pressure washers.

Access the Program
  • We maintain trailers for deployment equipped with tools for water, wind, and quake response efforts.
  • If your organization or community is in need of tools to enable your response efforts, contact us to discuss how we might be able to support you.
  • Email us for more information:
Organizations Supported
  • All Hands Volunteers (multiple states)
  • Catholic Charities (multiple states)
  • Christian Disaster Relief
  • Islamic Circle of North America Disaster Response
  • Latter Day Saints, LDS (multiple states)
  • Luteran Disaster Response (multiple states)
  • Mennonite Disaster Response (mulitple states)
  • Methodist Emergency Response Teams (multiple states)
  • MN/WI Baptist Convention
  • Operation Blessing (multiple states)
  • Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief (multiple states)
  • Samaritans Purse (multiple states)
  • Several community-based operations responding to a specific event