NECHAMA Pushes Through Nor'Easter in Hoboken

NECHAMA remained active cleaning up the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy despite harsh winter, including a nor'easter, hitting the Mid-Atlantic Region.

NECHAMA is nearly finished with work on the local Boys & Girls Club, The United Synagogue of Hoboken, and the food pantry located at Our Lady of Grace as well.

We have never been so inspired as we have with how many people have walked up straight off of the street to dig in and volunteer. Each day we are asked countless times by strangers whether there is anything they can do to help those who are worse off than themselves.

It just shows that while NECHAMA does our best to provide comfort to those affected by disaster, there is always something that can be learned by witnessing an act of kindness towards one's neighbor. We salute you, the citizens of Hoboken, for your selfless efforts. You have shown us just who exactly we are helping in this community and it only makes us want to work twice as hard to see you back on your feet.

We continue to work closely with the Mayor’s Office to identify individuals and organizations in need of our service.

So, while we have already accomplished so much in such a little time and while many homeowners have already begun the cleanup process, there is still so much needed to be done within this community. NECHAMA will be there to help this community through these trying times.