The NECHAMA 2012-13 Annual Appeal is Underway

While disasters happen without planning, responses do not. Since 1996, we have been consistently refining our methods and approach to disaster response.

This past year every $1 donated to NECHAMA was leveraged to provide more than $5 in response services free of charge to disaster survivors.

Your contribution will help us continue to repair the world and bring comfort to people impacted by natural disaster around the USA. Please consider making your gift a monthly contribution of $10 or more. You can easily make a one-time donation or set up a recurring monthly donation via our online donations page. Just click the button below.

New Donor?

Also, for a limited time, first time NECHAMA donors will have their gift doubled! If you have never given to NECHAMA don't miss this opportunity.

A NECHAMA board member is matching new donations 1-1 from first-time donors up to a total of $10,000!

This opportunity ends on 12/31/12, so don't wait, donate today!

During the past year we were a source of strength for 7 communities around the country facing the daunting task of recovery. Over the summer we aided our neighbors in Duluth and Bemidji, Minnesota when they were hit by fast moving floods and damaging winds. In September, after Hurricane Isaac, our team traveled south to Mississippi and helped elderly and disabled homeowners salvage their homes.

Thank you in advance for your giving. A natural disaster is a tough thing to go through alone and NECHAMA remains committed to being there for those in need when their homes and lives have been turned upside down. We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission without you.


Bill Driscoll Jr.
Executive Director