South Carolina Response Comes to a Close

NECHAMA volunteers gutting a flooded home in Columbia, SC

25+ inches of rainfall in a matter of days led to statewide flash flooding.

During the month of October 2015, NECHAMA led a response effort in Columbia, SC that channeled the energy of 100 volunteers to assist 31 households.

South Carolina Flood Response Update

Flooding in South Carolina

Centered Around Columbia, Efforts Gain Traction

NECHAMA’s Response Team has been deployed to South Carolina for one week thus far and our cleanup efforts are building momentum. 

Last week, in a matter of days, some parts of South Carolina saw rainfall totals as high as 25 inches. The overwhelming rain caused extensive flooding and damage across the state. 

South Carolina Floods:We're Here, We're Responding

NECHAMA’s Response Team has been deployed to South Carolina, where historic rainfall has caused extensive flooding across the state. Reports of widespread damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, as well as tragic loss of life, continue to come in as water levels crest. Our team is proceeding with caution as we determine where our assistance is most needed.