Sukkot: Celebrate and be Humbled

Have you ever seen a sukkah made of 2 x 4s? Of tarps and bamboo? Of bed sheets and cinder blocks?

This year when you “dwell” or “sit” in a sukkah, take a moment and notice its radical flimsiness. The Festival of Sukkot challenges us to experience the fragile nature of the world around us by intentionally sitting in a shelter that offers little “shelter.” The message: While we hope our homes provide us with shelter, they can become fragile despite our best efforts. As much as we wish to control the forces of nature around us, we are still at best only able to do what we can do. That we get to live and celebrate another day truly is awesome and amazing.

William Driscoll III joins the NECHAMA family!

Bill Jr Jr: NECHAMA’s New Assistant to the Executive Director

After much anticipation, Executive Director Bill Driscoll Jr. is happy to announce that the newest member of the NECHAMA family has finally arrived. William Driscoll III (or as we call him, “Bill Jr Jr”) is ready for the next deployment!

Yom Kippur: New Beginnings

Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, the point in every year in which we take a moral inventory of our lives. We confess our sins. We seek pardon for these transgressions and finally, we seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

In the same way that we reflect upon our actions, so does NECHAMA reflect upon the activities of the past year.