Helping Seniors Amidst Record Snow in MA

NECHAMA deploys to Scituate, MA to alleviate needs of seniors resulting from epic snowfall.

The snowy weather has been relentless across the Northeast this winter. Boston, Massachusetts has reported more than ninety inches of snow, much of that in the past 30 days. This record amount of snowfall has managed to do much more than just cancel school.

Reena's Gift: Bat Mitzvah Project Funds Disaster Tech Upgrade

Reena Bromberg-Gaber

Dear Friends and Family,

In 2011, I went with my parents and a group from our community to work in Joplin, Missouri, a place hit by massive tornadoes.  I worked in a kitchen that fed the victims and volunteers, where I met lots of people and heard their stories.  I felt like I could sort of relate to what happened….Then, a year later, in October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit my home and most of the East Coast.  I knew what it felt like to live through a natural disaster.  Part of our home was flooded, along with the streets and lots of other peoples’ homes…

Winter Storm Juno: On Alert

As Winter Storm Juno continues to hit the Northeast, NECHAMA is on high alert, monitoring the impact of the event. We have strong experience responding to winter storms and our team is readying to deploy if our services are requested. In the meantime, we are actively communicating with state-level contacts and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) partners as the situation develops.

City Pays it Forward

NECHAMA assisted the community of Rock Rapids, Iowa this past summer after they were inundated by a flash flood. Our team helped mobilize and equip local and regional volunteers as well as other voluntary organizations to aid the cleanup effort.

Recently, the City of Rock Rapids made a proclamation thanking NECHAMA for the much needed support and authorized a gift of $5,000!