On Watch: Storms Sweep Through Minnesota

Storms swept through Minnesota on July 5th with several tornadoes touching down and severe rain causing uprooted trees and some flooding. NECHAMA is in discussions with emergency management to see what we can do about the damage in our home state.

NECHAMA Brings Critical Aid To West Virginians Still In Need

Flood survivors across the state of West Virginia continue to be in dire need of cleanup assistance stemming from last month’s deadly floods. NECHAMA is mobilizing a response and we plan to be on the ground in WV assisting with household cleanup and debris removal starting July 10th. We have dispatched cleanup tools and equipment from our headquarters in Minnesota.

On Watch: Tropical Storm Colin

A third storm has already been named this year as Tropical Storm Colin moves its way through the Gulf. Even though it is not expected to strengthen into a hurricane, there is still potential for flooding and wind damage. NECHAMA is monitoring its progress and will be in contact with local officials as it makes landfall.

On Watch: Texas Flooding Continues

Widespread flooding continues in Texas as the state may be in store for a "500-year flood" for the second year in a row.

NECHAMA is actively monitoring the situation and preparing for the possibility of a deployment to the area.