Disaster Response

NECHAMA’s primary program, disaster response, strengthens communities in need by directly supporting volunteers to assist disaster survivors with cleanup and recovery.

We welcome volunteers of all faiths to collaborate and provide assistance to disaster survivors regardless of their religious affiliation. Our work creates a lasting positive impact on the lives of those affected and brings them comfort and hope. Our disaster response program, addresses two areas of individual and community common need following natural disasters: debris cleanup and volunteer coordination.

  • We provide direct cleanup assistance free of charge such as interior and exterior storm debris removal, roof tarping, and sanitizing of water damaged homes following large-scale natural disasters. By prioritizing assistance for low-income individuals and families as well as those with medical needs, young children and elderly residents, NECHAMA saves precious time and thousands of dollars every year for those most in need.
  • NECHAMA assists in the setup and operation of volunteer reception centers (VRCs) in areas affected by disaster. These centers provide critical coordination of fieldwork and a means of involvement for spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers to get involved.

If you are interested in becoming a disaster response volunteer with NECHAMA check the “Current Deployments” section below for information about any on-going deployments.

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Current Deployments

Past Deployments